Family Fun Day was a success!

Saturday, May 20th was our first public appearance as SCARE.  I would like to thank all our volunteers who came to help promote what we do at SCARE and letting the public know how they too can help their community.  The day started off with a bang as a bag of costumes was awaiting us upon our arrival at the event.  As the day progressed, we received great enthusiasm from the people passing by saying our mission is a fantastic idea.  If we receive half of the costumes people said they are happy to donate to the charity, we should be able to help a lot of families in the greater Nashua area!  Keep checking our website for updates on collection/drop off locations, events, and soon enough – Halloween!

We are currently looking for locations to set up collection boxes in Nashua and surrounding towns.  If you have suggestions of places that families frequent often, we would love to hear about them.  If you have costumes or accessories you wish to donate, reach out to us.  If you think you have some free time and you wish to volunteer, let us know.  We are currently looking for a few new board members as well.  And if you know of anyone who could benefit by borrowing some costumes, send them our way.

For example, I met a nice young woman who is the single parent of three children. She always buys costumes a few sizes bigger so the kids can wear them a few years in a row, only to listen to the kids complain that they were that character last year at Halloween. I told her that she should keep an eye on our website for dates of when we will be set up for people to come borrow costumes and see if there is something for her and the kids. (Oh yes – we have adult costumes as well!) Our hope is that anyone who has a similar story of financial hardships can borrow one of our many costumes so they don’t have to choose between a night of magic for the child or food on the table.


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