Welcome to Spookville!

How can you go trick or treating without checking out at least one haunted house?  Well if you come to Spookville (1 Cheshire Street in Nashua) either Friday or Saturday this weekend, you will get the chance to see not just one haunted house but TWO.  That’s right!  A few blocks away from us is the Graveside Manor ( who are also more than happy to scare your socks off.

Spookville opens for the first night EVER on Friday, October 20th at 7 pm and is open until 9 pm.  Start in our graveyard, make your way across the bridge and make sure to scream extra loud inside our haunted house!  We want the ghosts and ghouls at Graveside Manor hear you.

Keep in mind that this is a HAUNTED HOUSE.  Not Mickey’s Clubhouse.  It is supposed to be spooky and creepy and FREAK YOU OUT.  And there are live actors so try not to push or hit or kick them.  They are trying to make it fun for you.





Treat or Trick?

Here is a little treat for my followers and lovers of Halloween.  Have you ever wondered what local places within your own community are haunted?  Click on the link below and be transported to the places of NH and other states of the US where paranormal activity has been witnessed.  For example, the Country Tavern on the corner of Amherst St and West Townsend in Nashua has a ghost/spirit?  How many people could have sworn it seemed a bit chilly in the balcony areas of the Palace Theatre in Manchester?  Read the stories and maybe do a little investigating of your own.


HAPPY HAUNTINGS!!!                            




Halloween Approaches!

I can hardly believe that Halloween is less than 3 weeks away!  I am so very excited.  Our first year at handing out costumes.  Kind of a big deal for us.  Make sure you tell all your friends and extended family about us.  It will be a first come – first served arrangement as we have only so many costumes this year.  But if you have old ones to get rid of, drop them off when you come to borrow from us.  We can start restocking for next year!

As many of you know, we also build a haunted house every year.  This year we have gone even creepier than last year.  We added a suspension bridge…if you can get through the graveyard first.  I added live actors to make it even more terrifying!  Come check us out before Halloween if you want.  I am sure it will be great fun.



SCARE’s Costume Casting Call

There are only 34 days left until the fun and excitement of Halloween.  Well for the majority of us.  Unfortunately there are just some who try as they do, can’t afford things like the newest and coolest costumes.  And that is exactly why I created this charity.  I always had the best time walking around the neighborhood with my son and now I hope to pay it forward.

If you or anyone you know struggles to make ends meet, let them know that SCARE is here to help you discover your inner princess, super hero, ninja, ghoul, witch or creepy night stalking monster.  We have costumes…and more costumes.  We have both children and adult sizes.  And finally, we have a location for people to come by and see what we have.  October 21st and October 28th we will be at the Nashua Public Library with costumes – Costumes – COSTUMES!

Yes this is a free program.  All you have to do is show up, check out our costumes to find something that fits, and you get to borrow it.  Ideally we would like to get them back and we should have some drop off locations around the city for your convenience.  Spread the word and help us bring the magic to as many people as possible!


Making Progress

Hello fellow haunters!  I know I have been gone for a little bit.  I have been putting a lot of time and effort into this year’s haunted house.  I am still working hard on the charity as well.  We are sorting out costumes and taking pictures of inventory for record keeping.  I have been talking to various people in the community about a place to set up for trick or treaters to come borrow costumes.  I have been speaking with a few principals from area schools to reach out to students and parents.  There are a lot of little things in motion right now.  They just need to fall into the right spots and then its Halloween!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am.  This is our first year of trying to help the community.  We have been in contact with other groups outside of Nashua as well to spread the word to help those who need costumes this year.  We at SCARE look forward to bringing a bit of magic back into our communities.

I’ll keep an eye out for you – says the one-eyed monster.  HA HA HA

Haunted Houses?

Hello my yummy fleshy followers.  Are you a fan of haunted houses?  Do you enjoy creepy crawly?  Perhaps feeling like something is breathing down your neck…but no one seems to be there?  I sure hope so.  I have begun construction of my haunted house and it’s going to SCARE the pants off you.  (Not really – no one wants to see that).  At the other end of my neighborhood is a second equally terrifying haunted house called Graveyside Manor who are also happy to make you scream your head off.  So make sure you have lots of time to travel both ends of the neighborhood this year.  And bring the kids – so they can hold your hand as you walk through it.

Counting Down

That’s right!  A mere 2 months from today, we will be celebrating Halloween.  2 months to get your house and/or yard decorated.  2 months to make sure you have the candy or hand outs for the trick or treaters.  2 months to do your shopping and pick out that costume for that special night.  Wow this suddenly starts to add up huh?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could just borrow a costume for that one night you really need it?

New costumes are not cheap.  And then you need to add accessories or that one more add-on to finish the costume.  If you have more than one child, you have to do it that many more times.  Why don’t you check out what we have in store to borrow first – maybe you will find something you can borrow and save a bit of money this year.

Keep your eyes peeled on upcoming events as we tell you where and when you can see what we have available.  We have stuff for infants all the way up to full fledged adults.  Sorry – we do not do pet costumes.


Summer is Waning

I cannot believe that summer is already coming to a close.  Schools are starting up again in just a few weeks.  Stores have already put out all the back to school essentials which means Halloween is not far behind.  That means we are about to become really busy here at the charity.  If you have been thinking about volunteering, now is a great time to sign up.  Even an hour of your time helps us in a big way so please consider donating your time.

Don’t forget to set aside those old costumes the kids just don’t fit into anymore.  Donate them to the charity so that another child might be able to wear it when they go trick or treating this year.  You get a little bit of space back in the house while doing a good deed in your community.


Happy Hauntings!


That’s right followers!  Last Saturday was Fairy Tale Day hosted by the City of Nashua at Greeley Park.  Our local paper, The Nashua Telegraph, was on hand for taking photos and to write an article about the event.  As photographer Andrew Sylvia made his way around the event, he stopped at our booth to take some photos of the kids playing our bean bag toss game.  He started talking with one of our volunteers who suggested he talk to me, the founder, and well…here is the link to the story as found in the Nashua Telegraph.  Enjoy…


Counting down the days…

Hello subscribers and followers!  We are counting down the days until Fairy Tale day hosted by the City of Nashua at Greeley Park on Saturday, July 15th.  Join us between the hours of 10 AM and 1 PM to show off your inner Prince or Princess.  Don your best as a knight in shining armor.  Pull out your brightest pair of fairy wings and flutter your way throughout the park.  Just make sure you stop by our table to talk about about how we can bring the joy of Trick or Treating to all the children of the greater Nashua area.  Whether that means you donate old costumes or borrow one from us when the time comes, aid us in sharing the magic of Halloween and using our imaginations!